Kim Lane, LM, CPM

Kim LaneI was called to midwifery 26 years ago, while a midwife’s client, during the birth of my third child. Simultaneously, I felt overwhelmed and overjoyed as my midwife caught my daughter and handed her up to me. The rush of excitement I felt was wonderful! My daughter was born and so too, my desire to BE a midwife was born! I thought later that evening, “OMG, I have to do THIS!” (“THIS” meaning being a midwife.)

Being a midwife is a sacred calling… it’s not “just a job” to go to and to do every day. To be in the service of women in THE most empowering and powerful time in their lives, to assist women and their partners to learn about pregnancy, labor & birth, postpartum and the nurturing of newborns, to watch women and their partners become parents, to make a difference one mother and baby at a time, is a joy, a great blessing and a tremendous gift to me.

I LOVE being a midwife! After 22 years of catching babies, it IS my life’s work. I love hearing a women say, “I did it! I can’t believe I did it!” after working hard to give birth to her child. I love training aspiring midwives and helping them to become professional, compassionate, responsible healthcare providers. I am blessed to have been a mentor to 9 midwifery apprentices, who have completed the long and arduous education & training requirements to become Certified Professional Midwives, with still other students on their journey.

I am excited to join Holly and the West Houston Birth Center! She and I came to midwifery at the same time (in the early/mid 1990’s) and we were fortunate to meet in Virginia, where we both lived, several years ago. I bring decades of training and experience caring for women and their babies in both home and birth center settings and I look forward to a long tenure at the WHBC!